College Move In / Move Out

Moving to college or leaving it behind are both engaging tasks. In addition to the luggage that you need to take with you, there are so many emotions you need to take care of. We at White Glove Solution are dedicated to take care of the luggage part while you can carry all you memories and aspirations.

Among all the other formalities that need to be taken care of while entering or leaving a college, it can be quite a challenge to find time for getting all the tedious work of moving in or out. That is where we come into the picture and make things easy for you.

College Move-in Services
It can be quite exciting to shift from home life to campus life. But in order to do that, you have to find time, among other things, to pack, load, unload, and unpack all your cherished belongings and make sure that you do not leave behind any essentials. White Glove Solution take the struggle out of your moving process.
We make sure that you or your child carries with them all that they need. We also go the extra mile, if requested, and arrange your dorm room while you take care of the formalities and bid goodbye to your family and friends.

College Move-out Services
Moving out after having spent years in your dorm can be difficult. It’s like leaving behind a mini-home you built and there can be so many precious memories to carry with yourself. White Glove Solution services shows up at your dorm step and assists you in packing and moving your life of so many years with ease and convenience.

We proudly offer college move-out services irrespective of whether it’s a student who hires us or a parent. Feeding on the knowledge we have so wisely accumulated over the years, we guide you through every step of the way.

What else?
Arranging packing and moving equipment
Depending on your needs and requirements, we stretch our offers and arrange for rental trucks, transportation, packing material, and storage solutions.

Long and Short moves
We provide college moving services irrespective of the distance. Whether you’re moving just one hour away or one time zone away, we can assist you with making sure is stuff is packed securely and is shipped to your destination with ease.

Big and Small moves
Whether you’re returning for the summer or after graduating, White Glove Solution handles all your moves with the same care and intensity. We also support you in downsizing to a smaller space by providing dedicated storage options.

White Glove Solution offer full-service storage and shipping services for college students. Our aim is to make things easier and help reduce the stress of the students. Our services begin right from sorting and packing stuff to transporting them halfway across the country if need be.

Why move with White Glove Solution?
We take pride in being the finest, most recognized, and highly reputed college movers in the area who provide people with services that are:

  • Reliable: we show up for every move, every day, every time. You depend on us and we believe in living up to your expectations.
  • Affordable: college already comes with a lot of expenses. What we aim at doing is to make it less stressful which is why our excellent services are priced at pocket-friendly rates.
  • Flexibility: We understand how crazy things can get for a college student which is why we do not charge for rescheduling the appointments.

Make your dorm room move ins and move outs easier with White Glove Solution. We bring experience, safety, and dedication to the job and do not leave until you are satisfied.

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