Estate Sale Organizing Services

White Glove Solution helps individuals and companies organize estate sales when they don’t know what to do. An estate sale requires a lot of planning, time, and organizing. Whatever is your reason to sell a property, White Glove Solution sticks by your side to help you organize the best sale.

Liquidating your items is not a random task where you can just attribute a value to a belonging and put it up for sale. Driven by its experience, White Glove guides you through the process of labeling and pricing things and helps you get the most of your belongings.

How will White Glove Solution help me?

Your reasons for estate sale can be many, from de-cluttering, downsizing, moving, financial issues and etc. We can help you make the most of your estate sale.

The process begins when you contact us. Our dedicated representatives have a dialogue with you and understand your situation.

We pay a visit to you, assess the belongings carefully, and develop a plan to set the sale up.

We guide you through the liquidating process, through staging the entire area, and conducting the auction all the way.

We assist you with:

  • Arranging Auctions
  • Estate Sales
  • Buy-outs
  • Consignments
  • Donations

You can customize the above services to fit your needs and we will assist you accordingly.

Deciding what to sell
There won’t be sale if you don’t have things to sell. White Glove helps you sort through your stuff and pick out items you can sell.

Organizing the Sale
After the stuff for the sale has been decided, we employ our skills and strategies to develop a way in which the sale can be organized.

Home Staging
You can’t just lay things down and expect buyers to buy them. The White Glove team helps you in staging the things you want to sell in a lively and stylish way to make them salable.

Donate the items you do not need anymore
After the sale has ended, you can decide to donate the items that have been left behind. You do not need to look far to achieve that. White Glove Solution works in unison with multiple non-government and non-profit organizations to help donate your items.

Why work with White Glove Solution?

a. Experience: we are team of professionals who have years of experience in the moving industry and are capable of moving your belongings from one place to another without damaging them.
b. It’s convenient: we offer flexible services that can be scheduled according to your convenience as and when your routine allows.
c. Cost-efficient services: our services are fairly-priced and we also customize them according to the needs of the client.
d. Transparency: we believe in honesty when it comes to business so we are transparent with you from the first step. Right from the time when the things will be picked up to the place where they will be delivered, you are informed of every step on the way.
e. Well-trained crew: each one of our employees have been professionally trained to handle all kinds of assets be it furniture, appliances, or anything else.

What else?
While assisting you with your estate sale, we also offer other services that you can make the most of.

  • General de-cluttering and organizing
  • Home staging
  • Small business/home office management
  • Preparing for relocation
  • Pre-moving and post moving planning
  • Re-decorating or re-organizing
  • Pre-sale and post-sale thorough clean up

If you are looking for a reliable company to help plan your estate sale, take advantage of our knowledge and contact the White Glove Solution team today.

They will help you
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President / Owner
Alonso Zamora
Director of Business Development & Operations

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