Home Downsizing Services

White Glove Solution works with you to help you downsize your home and office spaces. We understand that your reasons for downsizing can be many and we work with you through each one of them to help you downsize a lifetime of belongings.

Whether you are moving to a new house or just looking to let go of your stuff in general, White Glove team works with you in sorting through, arranging, and organizing your clutters and offers advice on things you can do without.

We help you with the following downsizing services:

  • General de-cluttering and organizing
  • Home Staging
  • Preparation for Relocation
  • Small business and/or home management
  • Pre-moving and post moving planning
  • Re-decorating and re-organizing

How does the process work?
The process begins with an initial consultation which is nothing but a very friendly chat between you and our representatives where we familiarize ourselves with your situation and expectations.

We then visit the property, take a look at the concerned items or areas and develop an estimated turnaround time and strategy.

And then, we just jump right in. Once the items have been sorted, we organize them into different categories and then have a discussion with you regarding the items.

After the organizing, we take with us whatever stuff you have decided to donate or giveaway and ensure that it reaches its intended destination.

What more?
Our home downsizing services are aimed at reducing the clutter of belongings you are surrounded with and retain the old, spacious, breathable environment back. To achieve this, we offer systematic de-cluttering and organizing solutions keeping in mind your routine to provide solutions that are not too demanding.

We de-clutter surfaces, rooms, pantries, basements, attics, whole household.

We organize wardrobes, bedrooms, kitchens, garages, home offices, libraries etc.

We customize storage and organizing solutions for each part of your home.

We help you in downsizing from every aspect of your home. If it is a home office too loaded with unnecessary paperwork or a wardrobe that sure can let go of some clothes, or even a library that has books someone else can make better use of, we see to it that you sort through them and downsize to the amount you need.

Is there anything else?
Of course. With our home downsizing services, you can:

  • Sort: things that have been piling up for years and you don’t even remember buying. We sit with you through this emotional process, help you sort them out, divide them into categories, organize them, and decide what it is you want to do with them.
  • Showcase: We also help you organize your new home or re-organize your old one with the sorted stuff. We make sure that the showcasing is done in a way that is efficient, spacious, and speaks to your soul.
  • Sell/Donate: Now that you are left with things you do not need anymore, you can choose to donate or sell them. White Glove has a solution for this as well. We have teamed up with various non-government and non-profit organisations which can make use of the things you are ready to let go.

White Glove Solutions and partners can help make your new home an abode of necessary things or to give a new life to your old home. We understand that downsizing is a patient process where you will take all the time you need to decide on letting certain things go. We work with you patiently, providing logical reasoning for every decision you make.

If you are ready to change the look of things around your place, you should hire White Glove Solution today.

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