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White Glove Solutions offers full-time decluttering and organizing service aimed at assisting individuals and small businesses reduce their clutter and create an organised space.

Organizing your home and/or office space is a task that calls for a lot of time and motivation. But not of all can afford that. White Glove Solutions help you in conquering your clutter and make your daily functioning more efficient.

We work with you to help you sort out your home or workplace.

  • Bedrooms: if you have wardrobes that are overflowing or nightstands that are covered in paperwork, or a chair which has now becoming a cloth-dumping station, White Glove will help you sort through every single one of these and reduce it to the only the items you need.
  • Office Spaces: it can be pretty hard to work productively when your office space is filled with suffocating stuff. White Glove will work to reduce the unnecessary paperwork and turn your office space into an efficient station where you can work productively.
  • Kitchen and Living area: if you find it difficult to arrange your furniture in a neat way or keep losing that knife in the kitchen, White Glove will assist you in whip up your kitchen and living area into something that makes life easier.

White Glove works on all parts of a house. So whether it’s the basement, the garage, the shed, the photo box, or the powder room, we will give you absolute solutions to regain control.

What does the process look like?
The process begins with an initial consultation which is nothing but a very friendly chat between you and our representatives where we familiarize ourselves with your situation and expectations.

We then visit the property, take a look at the concerned items or areas and develop an estimated turnaround time and strategy.

And then, we just jump right in. Once the items have been sorted, we organise them into different categories and then have a discussion with you regarding the items.

After the organizing, we take with us whatever stuff you have decided to donate or giveaway and ensure that it reaches its intended destination.

What more?
Our organizing services also take into account the assistance you may need with rearranging furniture, moving boxes, and re-storing things etc. We also provide, upon request storage solutions and guidance to make sure that everything in your home is properly organised.

We also offer systematic organizing solutions so that you can keep things organised long after we have left. We work with you in all areas of your home to help restore a calming and spacious environment. Together with you, we develop solutions that suit your needs, routines, and are easy to maintain.

We declutter surfaces, rooms, pantries, basements, attics, whole household.
We organice wardrobes, bedrooms, kitchens, garages, home offices, libraries etc.
We customize storage and organizing solutions for each part of your home.

Is there anything else?
Of course. Through our decluttering services, we help you:

  • Revive: things you forgot you owned. Our team sorts through your clutter, helps you revive the treasures you once held so dearly, and tries to make you see the use for it.
  • Recycle: We work hard to provide a logical explanation as to why you should not be giving up on a particular item and the different ways in which it can be used. In case, you are unable to find any use for it, we take it from you and donate it, on your behalf, to the intended destination.
  • Replace: Replacing your storage and organizing strategies with new ones to make the most of your space.
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President / Owner
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Director of Business Development & Operations

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