Junk and Waste Removal Services

White Glove Solution offers top-notch junk removal services to people who need assistance in extensively cleaning their homes. Cleaning your house is a task that entails patience, time investment, and labor, and not everyone can afford to do that. But we at White Glove Solution have as much time to dedicate as needed to carry out your junk removal services for you.

We are a team of professionally trained and proficient cleaners who work with the aim of delivering the most superior levels of junk removal services in the area. We know the cleaning drives inside out which is why we take care of the cleaning from beginning to end and spare you the trouble, frustration, fatigue, and the risk of injuries.

We provide on-demand junk removal services wherein we removal any and all kinds of trash from your residential, commercial, industrial, and other similar properties.

What do we clean?
Everything! We at White Glove Solution work to provide wholesome services which are not discriminatory against any particular kinds of spaces and belongings. We are the providers of personalized services where we give our clients the freedom to pick the services they need and combine them to make a package of their own.

At White Glove Solution, we offer junk removal services which are inclusive of but not limited to:

a. Residential Junk Removal:

i. Appliance recycling: if you have one or multiple electrical appliances that need to be recycled or removed, we get the job done for you. When you work with us, removing appliances from your house and/or office becomes an easy task.
ii. Mattress disposal and removal
iii. Furniture removal: moving furniture is a tiresome task. And we are sure that you do not want to do all the heavy lifting. We take care of it for you. Irrespective of whether it’s a single bed or the entire furniture of the house, you can rely on us to safely handle it.
iv. Garage, attic, and basement clean up: cleaning up the storage spaces of our house and office can be quite overwhelming. But not when we are by your side. If your requirement calls for it, we thoroughly clean up all the storage areas of your house and get rid of the clutter you do not want anymore.

b. Industrial and Commercial Junk Removal:
When it comes to commercial and industrial spaces, where work is continuously progressing, clean ups can be a difficult task to achieve. But when you hire us, you see the spaces getting cleaner without causing any disruptions in your work.

c. Storm recovery Services

Our Commitment

The White Glove Solution’s team has been working with the aim of delivering high quality services to our customers. We value our customers and are therefore committed to make their satisfaction the top-most priority. Our cleaning strategies have been developed keeping the safety of your life, you property, and your belongings as a priority.

But in doing so, we do not neglect the environment. We work with waste every single and therefore we understand how some of it can be really harmful to the environment. Therefore, we are committed to serve your disposal, clutter, trash, waste, and hauling needs with supreme safety and environment-healthy ways.

The White Glove Solution’s team works in collaboration with multiple non-government and non-profit organisations to make the most of things which are waste for you but can be used by others.

We offer a wide assortment of services that you can choose from. You can also tailor every service according to your needs.

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President / Owner
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Director of Business Development & Operations

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