Long Distance Moving Services

Moving to a new place is an overwhelming task. There are so many things that need to be done — organizing, packing, sorting, actually moving. And if you are moving to a place that is miles away, things can be even more tiring. Loading your belongings on to a truck and making sure they reach the destination safely is not an easy thing to do which is the reason why White Glove Solution provides long distance moving services dedicated to make moving an easier process.

Whether you’re moving two towns over or to a whole another state, White Glove Solution will get you there. We work to assist you in making the transition from your present home to your new one smoothly.

Our services have been developed after years of expertise and are aimed at providing exceptional, unmatched customer satisfaction.

What do we move?
Everything! The Long Distance Services at White Glove Solution are all inclusive of:

  • Residential Moving
  • Commercial Moving
  • Industrial Moving
  • College Dorm Moving
  • Special Items Moving
  • Furniture Moving
  • Appliances and Electronics Moving
  • Vehicle Moving

You can pick out and customize the service you require and our team will assist you accordingly.

The Whole Deal
At White Glove Solution, we understand that when you’re planning to move, you are already looking at getting a load of things done. The last thing you want to add to that is the stress of juggling between different teams of packers, and movers.

The White Glove Solution team offers you the whole deal on long distance moving services where we:

  • Organize and pack your valuables and belongings;
  • Load it onto the vehicle we arrange;
  • Drive it safely all the way to the new destination;
  • Unload and Unpack;
  • Re-organize your belongings in your new home.

Need only a certain part of this package? No problem. You can pick out the particular services you need and let us know. We will customize your package accordingly.
To ensure that you receive the best of service, we also provide, when requested, reliable and sturdy packaging material including coveralls, wraps, blankets, and boxes.

Moving your belongings safely
It is our prime priority that we deliver your belongings to you exactly the way they were handed to us. At White Glove Solution, we put extra efforts into training every moving expert thoroughly in dealing with your valuable belongings carefully so that no damage is caused to them.

Our well-trained crew (dedicated at providing exceptional moving experience), expertise in the industry (enabling us to serve with the most effective strategies), and affordable services (ensuring that your moving experience is not as less burdening as possible) allows us to become your moving partners with pride.

How does the process work?
Our moving services are on-demand which means that you will have to contact us with a synopsis of your moving requirements. Our representatives will have a discussion with you, visit your property if needed, and present you with a customized strategy and the approximate quote on budget.

Once everything is settled, we will make a kind of a road map marking the dates and the tasks that need to be accomplished by then. And then, we just work on it while you take care of other, more important things.

In addition to moving services, we also offer thorough clean ups and recycling services for your now abandoned place. For more details you can check our dedicated page for each of those services.

The White Glove Solution’s team works hard to train its professionals carefully with standards for safety and capability to handle any and all kinds of moves competently in order to provide you a memorable long distance moving experience.

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