Retirement and Assisted Living Moving Services

Moving to a retirement house or an assisted living facility is a tough decision. It comes with a lot of questions and decisions to make and presents one of the biggest challenges of downsizing. The transition from the home that you have invested your whole life in to a new environment is bound to trigger difficult emotions for you and everyone else involved. Moreover, if you lack someone wo can help you through the moving process can worsen things further.

Resolving these conflicts begins by understanding that you are not alone. White Glove Solutions is here to help you make this transition smoothly. The decision to move to an assisted living is the commencement of a lengthy and challenging process. It requires planning, patience, and research. And we are here to help you through every bit of it.

If you are moving to a retirement house or any similar assisted living facility, you will be required to downsize yourself since most the facilities already come with the basic amenities. This can be a tiresome job especially when you have to pick some moments from your life and let go of the others. White Glove Solutions helps you conveniently go through this process with the most efficient and trained professionals by your side.

What does White Glove offer?
White Glove Solution are experts in the retirement and assisted living facility moving. We offer a varied range of services to make the move easy and smooth moving process where we take care of all the packing and heavy lifting for you while you prepare yourself for a new life.

Downsizing for you
We specialize in taking care of the elderly. Our 15 years of experience has taught us the essentials that senior citizens would necessarily need in the retirement houses which is why we help you downsize your stuff and assist you in carrying only what is most required.

Doing the hard work for you
Moving to an assisted facility may mean moving an entire house’s or apartment’s possessions which, let’s face it, can be overwhelming. To make this easier, we offer a complete, all-inclusive service package where we not only provide the labor but also the packing and transportation material that you will require.

Our team has been trained professionally to handle any and all kinds of belongings and we make sure that each of your belonging is packed delicately and securely with individual attention to detail paid to them.

Distance is not a question
We are committed to help the elderly move from one phase of their life to another which is why we do not let the location of the move restrict us. Irrespective of whether you’re two blocks away or two towns over, from your home to an assisted facility or from one assisted facility to another, White Glove Solution will stick with you all through the way.

Customized Customer Services you can count on
White Glove Solutions has been in the business of assisting senior citizens in facilitating their moves for more than a decade. We are committed to providing nothing but the best services to all our clients. Our aim is to make the process easier for you which is why we offer you the option to customize our services to fit your needs.

Once contacted, we begin by assessing your site and stuff and then guide you through the process with professionalism and transparency. We make a plan about how things can be achieved easily and efficiently and one you agree, we implement that. We do not rest until you are satisfied.

They will help you
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